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2002-2006, South Carolina Statehouse Report. Published weekly during the S.C. legislative session. South Carolina Statehouse Report is a media project of The Brack Group, Charleston, S.C.

SCIway -- South Carolina Information Highway




6/26/05: More needs to be done for rural residents
6/19/05: Tax modernization should be on front burner
5/29/05: State has a long way to go on solid budgeting
3/6/05: State budget proposal has more stories in it
1/30/05: State retirement system isn't broke
1/9/05: Peek behind the spin of executive budget
10/24/04: State's economic picture is muted at best
9/5/04: Cigarette tax hike is market-based approach
5/9/04: Property tax bill may cause class warfare
4/18/04: State can't afford income tax cut
1/11/04: State losing millions in Internet taxes
12/14/03: Budget, restructuring are top issues for '04
10/26/03: Manufacturing jobs
10/5/03: Review of MAP Commission

9/21/03: Next year's budget tougher
8/31/03: Alabama vote and SC
8/24/03: Globalization hits SC

8/10/03: Take longer view on taxes
6/8/03: Lawmakers to start off behind
6/22/03: To MAP Commission: Be careful

5/25/03: Budget gridlock
5/18/03: Budget pushes SC toward two Carolinas
/03: Securities bill on legislative fast track
3/23/03: Venture capital bill could help state
/03: House uses Medicaid magic on budget
3/9/03: Budget challenge will vex your priorities
/03: Budget cuts will cause job losses
11/17/02: Cigarette tax becoming more likely
8/25/02: SC's budget situation could be worse
8/4/02: Noah's Ark approach to tax reform
7/21/02: State budget woes loom longer
Tax cuts and planning (1.13)
Layoffs, service cuts loom (1.09)
Lottery spending on the table (1.07)



3/19/06: Getting ready for the big one
2/19/06: Big Dumb Idea: Selling national forest land
2/5/06: Start moving toward the hydrogen economy
/05: Nip refinery and drilling in the bud
9/11/05: Gas prices put government in a pickle
11/21/04: Hollings leaves great environmental legacy
8/22/04: Global warming is for real
6/13/04: Lawmakers need to take coastal report seriously
3/21/04: SC House slams environment repeatedly
3/7/04: Don't break word on Conservation Bank
10/19/03: Wetlands protection
1/26/03: Compromise and property rights
11/24/02: The Catch 22 of coastal growth
8/18/02: State wetlands policy needed
Deal on hog farms (1.10)
Property rights moves forward slowly (1.08)


7/30/06: Sanford's game makes him a real politician
7/16/06: Knotts in race would hurt Sanford
3/12/06: Sanford's words irritate some, ring true for others
/05: Governor needs to be a leader
8/14/05: Medicaid plan looks risky, costly
4/24/05: The Neanderthal and Man of Thin Skin
3/27/05: Disclosure needed for influence peddlers
3/20/05: Voucher bill could lead to resegregation

3/13/05: Sanford's Wolf tactics wearing thin

1/23/05: Charter bill might provide political cover

1/9/05: Peek behind the spin of executive budget
12/19/04: Shifting priorities cause state to rebuild
12/12/04: Dems looking for gubernatorial candidate
11/14/04: Public schools to be targeted next session
7/4/04: Senate may become more Sanford-friendly

5/30/04: Sanford's pork, err, poor taste
4/18/04: State can't afford income tax cut

4/11/04: How S
C politics is like modern-day baseball
3/14/04: Jobs bill veto should not hurt Sanford
1/25/04: Commerce should back off USC-Sumter
10/5/03: Review of MAP Commission

11/16/03: Sanford using Legislature?

9/28/03: How cuts impact one agency
8/17/03: Aeronautics faces test
6/22/03: To MAP Commission: Be careful

1/19/03: Sanford opens with quiet bang
9/15/02: Gov's race is about barbs, not people
8/11/02: The bully vs. the whiner
6/28/02: Hodges-Sanford race will be wild
GOP gov's race will have impact


2/4/07: Light rail could open SC knowledge economy
2/25/07: State needs to boost competitiveness
1/21/07: State needs way to deal with Confederate flag
State looking to take bites out of crime
10/8/06: State's murder rate doesn't match perception
9/10/06: Judicial branch often overlooked
9/3/06: State swimming in expired positions
7/2/06: July 4th means a lot to South Carolinians
2/5/06: Start moving toward the hydrogen economy
/05: Ideas abound to improve South Carolina
/05: SC may be moving out of the mainstream
11/6/05: Wilkins enjoying new job in Canada
9/25/05: More domestic violence prosecutors needed
7/31/05: State needs performance review office
2/13/05: Workers' comp laws may not need changing
1/2/05: Find other ways to honor public servants
10/31/04: Time to look at new voting methods

5/16/04: Don't wait 50 years for more integration
2/22/04: State has failed rural counties
1/18/04: Tort reform bills are rush to judgment
12/31/03: Year in Review in McLemore's cartoons
11/9/03: 10 ways to be better citizen
9/14/03: Letter to a newborn daughter
7/13/03: Influence lawmakers now
6/29/03: Weblogs making difference
12/22/02: Get beyond racial divisiveness
SC set to be world leader in news
9/2/02: Revitalize your patriotism
7/5/02: Thank a guardsman for service
Port expansion struggles (1.11)
Port expansion (1.02)
Overview of 2002 session (1.01)



5/22/05: Lots to do at Statehouse
5/1/05: House could be vastly different next year
4/17/05: Time for state to develop policy on smoking
3/27/05: Disclosure needed for influence peddlers
2/27/05: Creative use of language infects legislation
2/6/05: Legislature might not be on roll for all
1/16/05: Jobs bill seeks to help small businesses
12/26/04: 2005 legislative session will be defining
12/5/04: When "taking a walk" gets a new meaning
8/15/04: Time to do more on domestic violence
8/1/04: Privatization isn't always a good idea

6/5/04: More of the same on tap for next year
5/30/04: Sanford's pork, err, poor taste
5/23/04: Legislature shouldn't be a racetrack
5/2/04: Sometimes politicians should keep mouths shut
4/25/04: Money chase not as swift as you may think
3/28/04: Tort reform efforts hinge on trust, timing
2/29/04: Time to stop waiting for online disclosure
2/15/04: Legislature has bigger fish to fry
2/8/04: Tougher seat belt law faces challenges
2/1/04: Two sides of minibottles
12/21/03: Sleeper issues could be big deal in '04
Campaign finance passes
4/27/03: Legislators slowly churn through bills
4/20/03: Restructuring threatens checks/balances
3/30/03: Income tax plan may be compromise
3/2/03: Legal loan sharks face extinction
2/16/03: Lingering effects of tax reform
2/9/03: Tort reform efforts may cause split
1/5/03: Legislature's agenda is packed
12/15/02: Prefiled bills offer legislative insights
10/6/02: Using sunshine to dampen negative ads
9/8/02: Prison alternatives looming?
6/14/02: Ethics reform needed
More done than you'd think(1.23)
PSC reform to come, but when?(1.21)
Campaign reform may be doomed (1.20)
Guardian ad litem reform in limbo (1.19)
Legislative hostage season begins (1.18)
Cloning could cost research (1.17)
Bonded indebtedness may increase (1.15)
Multi-county industrial parks (1.14)


5/20/07: Outside groups want to thwart real justice
4/22/07: Blue debate offers challenges in red state
Gamesmanship permeates abortion debate

11/19/06: The South and Democrats
8/28/05: President should unite America's spirit
4/10/05: Wedge politics are alive and well in SC
2/20/05: Milquetoast Dems need to pipe up
12/12/04: Dems looking for gubernatorial candidate
11/28/04: Lawmakers need to look at bigger picture

11/7/04: State Dems need to regroup
10/17/04: Send sleaze merchants a message
10/10/04: Southern Strategy 2.0 takes hold in South
10/3/04: New rationale sweeping through SC politics
9/26/04: More than candidates on November ballot
9/12/04: Scorecards provides voters with vital info
8/29/04: New books highlights Retro vs. Metro states
7/25/04: Making sure every vote counts
7/11/04: With Edwards on ticket, Kerry may win
7/4/04: Senate may become more Sanford-friendly
6/27/04: Bowl may fall victim to Confederate flag
4/11/04: How SC politics is like modern-day baseball
4/4/04: Stop whining about the filibuster
3/14/04: Jobs bill veto should not hurt Sanford
1/4/04: Sister state relationship pays dividends
12/7/03: Behind the
reform rhetoric
11/16/03: Sanford using Legislature?
10/12/03: Case for government
8/5/03: Hollings is dutiful servant
7/20/03: Ruling may affect voting
6/1/03: Election 2004 starts early
5/11/03: Ship of state sails rudderless
/03: Didn't think barbecue was political?
2/2/03: Consolidating statewide officers

1/19/03: Sanford opens with quiet bang
1/12/03: Redistricting on agenda again
12/29/02: 2003 political resolutions
11/10/02: Leadership needed on both sides
11/3/02: Use your vote wisely: a lesson
10/19/02: Black voters could be secret weapon
9/22/02: Shift in SC Senate around corner?
9/15/02: Gov's race is about barbs, not people
8/11/02: The bully vs. the whiner
7/28/02: Election could mean two-party state
6/28/02: Hodges-Sanford race will be wild
GOP gov's race will have impact
Following the money (1.16)
Redistricting climaxes (1.12)