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Published weekly from Charleston, S.C. For information on being an underwriter, contact us today.

The Statehouse Report weekly commentary is syndicated in the Columbia Free-Times, Florence Morning News, Sumter Item, Greenville Journal, Hartsville Messenger , (Walterboro) Press and Standard and WestOf.


S.C. Statehouse Report is a weekly legislative forecast that informs readers about what is going to happen in South Carolina politics and policy. Founded in 2001, the issue was distributed through 2007 to paid subscribers, although a weekly commentary and cartoon were provided free to all readers.

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Starting in 2008, the respected publication's news, analysis and commentary is available without charge to all readers thanks to generous support by underwriters.

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Statehouse Report serves as a weekly behind-the-scenes research toolkit to help businesses and organizations keep a step ahead of what's going to happen at the S.C. General Assembly. It's packed with advance inside information you need so you can be prepared for votes, meetings and interactions with lawmakers. Among our strong points:

  • Advocacy edge. Statehouse Report can serve as a new monitoring system to keep you informed early about what's going to happen. By having a little extra time, you'll get better results because you'll be able to plan and implement a strategy that may provide the advocacy edge. For in-state and out-of-state organizations and professionals, Statehouse Report can help you be better prepared for legislative battles.

  • Diverse features. Delivered weekly through the Internet, Statehouse Report provides advance information on House and Senate floor agendas, Hot Issues, calendars of committee meetings, weekly legislation updates, a weekly Tally Sheet of new bills, and Statehouse news briefs. Click to learn more about our features and our experienced staff.

  • Underwriter-supported. Major businesses and organizations from across the Palmetto State make it possible to provide readers with the weekly Report for free. Underwriters say they support the Report because it provides something they can't find elsewhere: a fresh look and good legislative intelligence about what's happening at the Statehouse and in Palmetto Politics. Learn more about our underwriters.

If you have questions about Statehouse Report's services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


Statehouse Report's team includes experienced researchers and analysts:

Publisher Andy Brack, who runs a marketing and strategy consultancy called The Brack Group, started Statehouse Report to provide Statehouse professionals and organizations with the kind of information they can use to be better advocates for their clients and groups.

Brack, a former political reporter and U.S. Senate press secretary, has provided analytical communications and public affairs services for national and international clients, such as America Online, the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Health and Family Services, the Charleston School of Law and an international investment bank. Brack is past president of the S.C. Wildlife Federation and the Rotary Club of Charleston. Brack and his family live in Charleston. More info.

Editor Bill Davis is a veteran South Carolina newsman who is the son of noted scholars and the grandson of a former White House AP correspondent. He has been a reporter and writer for papers in three different states over his 10-year career. In 2005, Davis was a national finalist for short form reporting award, placing third, as well as the winner of the SC Press Association's top award for feature/profile writing for weekly papers for a piece he wrote on Gov. Mark Sanford. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Davis also covered the Virginia General Assembly when he worked for a daily paper in that state. Davis is a married father of two, living in Charleston, S.C.


SC Clips. This daily news digest that provides users with news headlines, summaries and links to more than 30 South Carolina news sources every business day. It's a new way of getting South Carolina news on business, stories with statewide impact, politics and opinions. More.

The Brack Group. This public relations and communications strategy company uses tested and new media tools to develop comprehensive advocacy and media plans. It also provides high-quality news and policy forecasting services and develop winning Web campaigns for businesses, non-profits and political candidates. More.

Media Training Center. The Media Training Center helps executives better understand the media and what drives reporters. Our media specialists work with your team to provide common-sense communications training based on more than 60 years of experience. By using real-life case studies and hands-on video training tools, we work with you so you'll be ready for the press anytime -- during a crisis or when you're trying to get a good story in the news. More.


Statehouse Report is made possible thanks to the generous support of our underwriters (Click here to learn more). If you're interested in learning more about being an underwriter, drop us a line.


Click here to search our archives.


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Opportunity for underwriters

Statehouse Report is an underwriter-supported legislative forecast with new added features that provide more information about what’s going to happen at the S.C. General Assembly and in state government.

To learn more about our exciting transformation and how your organization or business can benefit, click here. Or give us a holler on the phone at: 843.670.3996.

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