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11/15: Diverting public funds, Dan Norfleet, Summerville, SC

11/5: Tax cut article shows more thinking needed, Deborah S. Nye, CGFO, Summit, SC

11/4: Property tax relief law was overkill for rich, Bob Henderson, North Charleston, SC

10/31: Brack makes scary assumptions, Michael Greer, Summerville, SC

10/30: Not removed on all grocery taxes, Bob Henderson, North Charleston, SC

10/28: More money won't help schools, David Whetsell, Lexington, SC

10/26: Venture program will have positive impact, Chad Walldorf, chairman, South Carolina Venture Capital Authority, Mount Pleasant, SC

10/24: Leadership needed to strengthen the state, Roxanne Walker, Greenville, SC

10/9: Solar power makes sense, Barbara Measter, Seabrook Island, SC

Not for tax breaks, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

State needs affordable medical care, birth control, Roxanne Walker, Greenville, SC

Some good points in sex Ed column, Anne Badgley, Charleston, SC

Why insurance companies want to cancel policies, Dan Norfleet, Summerville, SC

Australia is tip of iceberg, John P. Ford, Sumter, S.C.

Americans have grown apathetic, David Whetsell, Lexington, S.C.

Queensland has enterprising spirit, Sandra Plock, Sumter, SC

7/12: Domestic violence laws may be used wrongly, Marty Hicks, Mount Pleasant, SC

6/26: Being inconsistent on sprinklers, guns, Bill Rentiers III, Lexington, SC

6/14: East Edisto would be boon to ACE Basin, Maggie Ridge, Hollywood, SC

6/12: Protect large tracts, Benjamin Lennon, Short Hills, NJ

5/21: Willing to buy bridge for more guns, Bernard W. Fatig, Hartsville, SC

5/16: Gun commentary is liberal doom and gloom, Rev. Joel Osborne, Sumter, S.C.

5/13: Gun article shows Brack in liberal writer, Dan Packard, Florence, S.C.

5/9: Workers' comp reform proposal still needs work, Tom Ervin, Greenville, S.C.

5/8: Ways to make a better food stamp program, Laura Morris, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

4/22: Enjoy seeing them while you can, Janie Behr, Florence, SC

4/15: Great piece, Pat Jobe, Greenville, SC

4/4: SC should take head out of sand, Daniel Berler, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

4/3: Don't condemn people for choices, Elizabeth S. Bunker, Fountain Inn, SC.

4/2: Sanford would be good veep, Terry L. Bowyer, Lyman, SC

3/26: House off-base on ultrasound vote, Ree Mallison, West Columbia, SC

3/25: Condemns abortion, George W. Dargan, Darlington, SC

3/20: Payday lending is sought-after service, Ken Compton, CEO, Advance America, Spartanburg, SC

3/16: SC on track to becoming nuclear chump, Leslie Minerd, Columbia, S.C.

3/16: Everybody loses with payday lending, Earl Capps, Summerville, S.C.

3/4: Barnwell already received assistance, Ann Timberlake, Columbia, SC

2/27: Workers' comp increases cause consernation, Tom Ervin, Greenville, SC

2/18: Don't rush to use public dollars for private schools, Bill Harrison, Darlington, SC

2/4: A South Carolina no-brainer, Al Rich, Columbia, SC

1/23: Healing can't begin until forgiveness is found, Thomas Dearing, Turbeville, S.C.

1/23: Enjoyed flag article, Odessa S. Sirman, Hampton, S.C.

1/22: Some hope on lowering flag, Chip Brown, Conway, S.C.

1/22: Simple flag solution, Julian G. Frasier III, Sumter, S.C.

1/21: Do something constructive, Bill Singletary, Timmonsville, S.C.

1/16: Applaud Carolina Day comments, Sue A. Pitts, Sumter, S.C.

1/15: Historian highlights SC's part in Revolutionary War, Dr. Walter Edgar, USC historian, Columbia, S.C.

1/15: Drayton played key role too, Charles E. Drayton Sr., Sumter, S.C.

1/9: Better health care needed, R.L. Hagerty, Florence, S.C.

1/4: What a dumb sentence, Hugh Campbell, Hartsville

1/2: Restructuring body is good idea, Earl Capps, Summerville, S.C.

1/1: Fund bullying prevention, Dwight Fee, Murrells Inlet, S.C.

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